Sango Wong, Managing Director
Elizabeth, Executive Director
Mitchel Squires, Design Director

Our people are our most valuable resource. 


We keep growing together and share 

the achievements of our businesses.

Thomas Ho, Technical Director
Patrick Ngan, Executive Director
Markco Cheung, Senior Project Manager
Patrick Hong, Executive Director
John Tsang, Technical Manager
Felix Chan, Senior Project Manager
Shirley Wong, Marketing Manager
Kinki Lou, Deputy Director of China Office
Louie Law, Associate Director
Jessie Yan, Senior Finance Manager
Joe Chow, Managing Director
Hans Wong, Director
Edmond Lee, Director of China Office
Bian Li, Technical Consultant
Cathy Gui, Technical Manager
Ben Poon, Executive Director
Alvin Kwok, Technical Manager
Aman Lee, Senior Project Manager
Aggie Tsang, Associate
Vitus Man, Managing Director
YC Wong, IT Director
Evanne Pook, Associate Director
Herman Chan, Project Director
Aris, Executive Director
Elliot Chan, Technical Manager
Annie Zhang, Project Manager
Sophie Chen, QS Director